Pillar Wallet allows users to connect to every dApp on all the chains it supports. We have you covered!

On the home screen you can tap on the "Connect" button. This will open a list of the best exchanges and investment protocols there are, which are supported by Pillar v2.

You can check all your current active connections by tapping on the lightning bolt icon in the bottom right corner of the Connect screen. If you are looking for exchanges and protocols on a specific chain, you can filter the dapps by tapping on the desired chain on the top of the screen.

If the dApp you are trying to connect to is not on the list you can open it on an external browser (either on the same device or on an entirely different one) and you can connect by scanning the QR code of the dApp. This is done by tapping on the "Connect" icon on the Connect screen.

In order to connect to a different browser, first you will need to open the QR code in the desired dApp by tapping on "Connect a wallet" or similarly named buttons. Afterwards choose "WalletConnect".

Choosing wallet connect will show a QR code which will need to be scanned from within the app.

The connect camera is opened by tapping on the "Connect" icon on the Connect screen.

If you are connecting to a browser on the same device you can either choose WalletConnect and select "Pillar" or you can screenshot the QR code and select the Gallery icon on the bottom of the Connect camera screen if you wish to connect manually.

After screenshotting the QR code, navigate to the connect screen in the Pillar wallet.

The Gallery icon is on the bottom part of the screen. There you will need to select the screenshot and your Pillar wallet will connect to the desired dapp.

Congratulations! You now know how to connect to any dApp on any of the suported chains. This feature greatly improves your choice of exchanges and investment protocols. Before connecting to dApps make sure you are on the correct link and that the dApp you are accessing is not a scam or a fake version of the same dApp. If you need any further guidance or explanation, feel free to contact us over instabug from within the app.

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