Firstly, make sure you have the asset you want to deposit inside your Pillar wallet that you will use to connect to Aave and deposit. For the purpose of this article we will deposit MATIC tokens.

When the Home screen of the app is opened, tap on "Connect" on the bottom bar.

On the "Wallet connect" screen tap on Polygon and then choose "Aave" under "Lending".

This will open the aave protocol page as shown below. Tap on the "Select a market" and make sure that "Aave market Polygon" is selected (as shown below).

When you have selected the correct market, open the menu on the side and tap on "Deposit".

This will take you to the list of tokens that can be deposited on Polygon using aave.

Since we are depositing MATIC for the sake of this article, tap on MATIC.

You will be taken to a page in which you need to input the amount of tokens you wish to deposit. You can either input an amount or tap on "Max" if you wish to stake your entire balance of Matic.

When the amount is decided and you tap on "Continue" you will see your Deposit overview and transaction details. We advise that you check if everything is in order before continuing. If everything is indeed correct, tap on deposit.

This will take you back to the Pillar Wallet app where you will need to confirm the transaction request. When you have completed this you will be shown the "Tokens are on their way" screen. Tap on "Magic!" and wait for the transaction to go through. You can also follow the transaction status by viewing it on the blockchain.

When the transaction goes through you will see the amount of your deposited tokens inside the app under Polygon assets. Here is an example of how deposited Matic tokens should be shown:

Congratulations! You have successfully deposited tokens into Aave and You are now earing passive APY. Isn't DeFI truly Magical?

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