The first step in becoming a Governor is acquiring 10,000 PLR tokens. This can be done by exchanging Ether or some other tokens for PLR tokens on Ethereum Mainnet.

This can be done from within the app in the built-in exchange or by connecting to an exchange using WalletConnect that has PLR tokens listed.

You can access the built-in exchange by tapping on "Swap" on the Home Screen.

The built-in exchange opens (as shown below) and trading ETH for PLR is selected automatically when opening the built-in exchange.

After acquiring 10,000 (Ten thousand) PLR you are eligible to become a Governor. The governance house can be joined by becoming a member of our Discord server. When you are a member of the server, open the "join-governance-bot" channel and follow the instructions.

When you have proven you are a holder you will be joined into the Governance house on our Discord server. There you can discuss the future of PLR and you will be the first one to know about future updates and features. You will also be able to vote for future features and direction Pillar is going to take using Snapshot.

Congratulations! You are now officially a Pillar Governor.

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