After you have succesfully dowloaded the app, you need to create your very own multichain smart wallet.

Open the app and press on "Create wallet".

After that, you will be taken to the next step.

Now you need to create your username. The username should contain more than 3 letters. After you have input the username, check the two boxes and continue.

After that, check the box on the next screen, create your PIN and that's it.

Your Pillar account has been made.

All that's left is backing it up.

First off, press the button on the left of your username.

Then go to "Wallet settings".

Input your PIN or biometric login.

Then press on "Backup not finished".

There will be your 12 word recovery phrase.

Copy the words in exact order, and double check it.

Save the word list somewhere safe. Without them, you will NOT be able to restore your wallet!

Then press "Next", input the correct words into the boxes.

And congratulations, you have succesfully backed up your wallet.

Your are now good to go.

*Note: with this you are simply creating an account, it does NOT mean that your wallet is active. You still need to deploy it after this.

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