Before you activate your wallet please be aware of the high ethereum fees (both for activation and the usual transaction fee) that can occur when making transactions on ethereum.

After you have successfully downloaded the app and created your account, you will need to proceed on with activating your Ethereum Mainnet smart wallet.

The first thing you will notice is the small triangle next to the network name.

This means that your smart wallet is not yet active.

Here are some steps:

To activate it, you will need some ETH (amount depends on the current gas price)

You can either buy it through the app using Ramp service, or simply send some ETH from your other wallet.

To buy crypto through Ramp, simply press "Add cash" button on the right.

After that input the amount you wish to buy, and proceed on with the payment. You pay with your credit/debit card.

After depositing ETH, you will need to perform an outgoing transaction:

  • swap/exchange

  • sending some ETH out of your wallet

  • sending some other ERC20 token out

The activation fee will be included into the transaction fee, so it might seem a little expensive.

You can either use the in-app exchange service or use WalletConnect to connect to your favourite Ethereum exchange.

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