You might have noticed that the balance of your keybased wallet is no longer showing, your tokens are still available however our wallet now only shows the balance of the Smart Wallet

Here's the guide to migrate your tokens from keybased to Smart Wallet.

The most important thing is that you have enough ETH in your KEYWALLET for all these transactions.

The following steps on how to migrate assets from Keybased wallet to Smart Wallet in just a few steps.

If you are using version 2.15 or higher:

  1. Open your Assets page.

  2. Tap on the right top corner "Smart Wallet".

  3. Tap on "Migrate assets to Smart Wallet".

  4. Select all assets and collectibles.

  5. Tap on "Next" and "Confirm"

  6. Type in pin code

  7. Tap on "Magic" button

  8. Wait for network confirmations.

If you are not using version 2.15 or higher:

With this kind of migration, we need to be careful to send the tokens we have first and then finally ETH. Because we won't have the funds for the network fees.


  1. Open your assets page

  2. Select Key Wallet

  3. Tap on the token you want to transfer

  4. Tap on "Transfer to Smart Wallet"

  5. Select amount

  6. Tap on "Next"

  7. Tap on "Magic" button

  8. Type in your pin code

  9. Wait for network confirmations.

But if you do not want to migrate funds to the Smart Wallet, you can ALWAYS import your wallet into Metamask. Here is the link how to do that.

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