1. On your desktop browser open the following to take you directly to the remove section of the liquidity pool section: https://app.uniswap.org/#/remove/0xe3818504c1b32bf1557b16c238b2e01fd3149c17-0xc02aaa39b223fe8d0a0e5c4f27ead9083c756cc2

  2. Press the connect wallet button on the Uniswap page, a QR code will pop up, select Wallet Connect, go to your Pillar wallet app and press the connect button on your app, connect again and scan the QR code.

3. When the wallet has successfully connected, choose the percentage of liquidity you want to remove and click the approve button. A notification will pop up on your Pillar wallet to approve the transaction and small gas fee will be deducted from your to wallet.

4. Once the transaction is finalised, click the remove button, a notification will pop up the second time on your wallet to approve the transaction, an estimated gas fees will presented and deducted from your smart wallet once you approve it. Your stake will be successfully removed.

5. You will now receive back your ETH and PLR that was in your position.

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