The Bitcoin wallet in Early Access has been officially deprecated. However, your funds are not lost. You can indeed recover the Bitcoin you might have left using your 12 words.

In order to recover your Bitcoin, we need to extract the Private Key from the deviation path that was set by Pillar.

Open the following link:

This will download an html file for you to open. Please go to your download folder and open it.

Type in your 12 words here with 1 space between the words.

You should be able to see now your

Click on deviation path BIP32 here

Type in m/44'/60'/0'/0 under BIP32 Derivation path.

Under derived addresses you should be able to see your address, public key and private key at the top.

You now have full ownership back of your Bitcoin wallet, congratulations!

If you wish to move your BItcoin out, we recommend downloading Electrum wallet:

Once you open your Electrum Wallet. You will see a prompt to create a new wallet:

Type in a name for your new wallet. and click next.

Then select import Bitcoin addresses or private keys:

Type in your Private key:

Create a password to encrypt your private key locally:

You can send out your Bitcoin anywhere you wish.

Let us know if you have any problems. We recommend converting your Bitcoin to WBTC to make use of the DeFi eco system.

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