Chat & People

Based on usage and perceived value by our users, we have concluded that the chat functionality is not widely used and does not provide the experience we aim for, we are therefore retiring chat from our product in its current form.

Next to chat retiring, we will also be replacing connections (People section) with an address book based on ENS addresses to offer a smoother user experience.

Notice: If you have any messages that you would like to keep, please ensure to take screenshots of them before next week.

BTC to WBTC bridge

Bitcoin users rejoice! We’re adding an in-app version of WBTC Cafe. That means you’ll be able to convert your BTC to WBTC fast and easy, directly within the Pillar app.

Wrapped BTC is the tokenized representation of Bitcoin on Ethereum. It has a number of advantages over traditional BTC, because it is integrated into the world of Ethereum wallets, dapps and smart contracts. That means you can still hodl and wait for the value to go up, or you can stake your WBTC in a liquidity pool to earn trading fees (through Aave).

Please note that you will be able to convert your WBTC to BTC and send it to any other third-party that supports BTC, but BTC will no longer be natively supported in the wallet.

Notice: If you have any BTC in your Pillar Wallet, please follow our guide on how to convert it into WBTC with WBTC Cafe.

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