Pillar has partnered of with Ren Protocol to bring a WBTC bridge that convert native BTC to WBTC and vice versa through Wallet Connect.

Please ensure you have enough ETH on your Smart Wallet in order to pay for the transaction to receive your WBTC.

First head over to https://wbtc.cafe/ and click on the Connect Wallet button in the top right and then click on Wallet Connect to see a QR code:

Open your Pillar Wallet and tap on Connect tab and again Connect to scan the above QR code and then approve the connection.

You will see the follow ingmessage on WBTC Cafe, press OK to proceed:

Now enter the amount of BTC you wish to convert to WBTC and click on the "Enter address" this will automatically fill in your Pillar Wallet address:

Now confirm the exact amount you be sending

Go back to your Pillar Wallet and open Bitcoin wallet from Assets and then Send, enter the exact amount as you have entered on WBTC Cafe.

Tap on the QR code to scan and scan the QR code below and send. Make sure to enough of BTC left to pay for the transaction costs.

You will now see a transaction on WBTC Cafe processing

You will receive a confirmation of the success of the transaction, and just wait for confirmation from the BTC network.

After BTC reaches 6 confirmations you will get pop-up notification inside your Pillar Wallet to pay to receive your WBTC.

After paying the fee, WBTC will be sent to you wallet.

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