If you are concerned that you've lost your assets - you can always re-check that using etherscan.io - free Ethereum blockchain explorer. The only thing needed is your Ethereum address.

  1. To find your Ethereum address in Pillar Wallet just go to Assets page, click on Ethereum and then hit "Receive". Here you'll be able to see your public ETH address.

2. Copy the address, go to etherscan.io, paste it into search field and hit Search button.

3. From here you'll be able to see all the information about this particular address like transactions, tokens stored etc. Your Ethereum balance is displayed in front of "Balance field. To see what tokens are currently stored on this address you just need to click on your Token balance menu:

4. That's it :)
Hopefully it will give you confidence that you are still the owner of your assets!

Accessing wallet 

In case you need to access your funds to send it somewhere, we recommend using MyEtherWallet. This process requires your 12-words backup phrase.

1.Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com and click green "Access My Wallet" button

Click on the last option "Software (Keystore file, Private Key, Mnemonic Phrase)" 

3. Choose Mnemonic Phrase and click Continue

4. Carefully type your 12 words backup phrase (Very sensitive input, don't even put spaces before or after words) and click Continue

5.Type in your password if you had one and click continue (if you don't have one - just click continue without typing anything)

6. Select "Ethereum" in the HD Derivation Path field, check mark field "To Access my Wallet, I accept Terms" and click green "Access My Wallet button"

That's it! Now you’re able to see your account address and balance and send assets wherever you want!

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