First you will need to either create an account with the Bancor Network (you can use the MetaMask Chrome extension as well)

  1. Go to the Bancor Network and click Sign In on the top right

  2. Connect with either Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Telegram

  3. You will be directed to a Bot who will ask a few simple questions and then give you a link to create a new wallet

  4. Click the profile drop down menu on the top right and select My Wallet

  5. Click Create a Wallet

  6. Add a password

Next you will need to buy or send some Eth or tokens to you wallet 

  1. Click My Wallet from the drop down menu on the top right

  2. Click + next to My Tokens, add Pillar and any tokens you want to send to your wallet

  3. To add funds to your wallet click Receive for your wallet address and send some ETH or tokens, or click Buy and purchase ETH with your credit or debit card through Simplex

Now your wallet has funds you can get some Pillar

  1. Click Tokens in the top navigation

  2. Select ETH/token and the amount in the From Token field then select Pillar in the To Token field

  3. Click Convert and select either your Bancor or Metamask wallet. 

  4. Confirm the details and click Buy

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