You can help improve the Pillar Wallet by reporting issues and feature requests.

Submitting a Report

Please send us the following information in an email with the subject "Bug Report" to [email protected] or contact us from inside the app by shaking your phone, and it will open up Instabug, or you can go to "Settings" and press the "Support chat" button. 

  • Username

  • Device make and model

  • Type and version of the operating system 

  • Version of the App

  • Descriptive title of the bug

  • Detailed description of the bug

  • Expected vs. actual results

  • Clear and concise steps to reproduce the bug

  • Screenshots and/or video to illustrate the bug 

Include as much information as you can. The amount of detail you provide, such as screenshots, steps to reproduce the issue, what you expected to happen but did not, etc will helps us address the issue promptly.

We appreciate you taking the time.

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